Marvell Food Brokers: Florida-Based Ally in the Midst of a Pandemic

Buying bulk food wholesale

As food brokers, Florida-based Marvell Foods is familiar with the many challenges that food retailers and wholesalers face — especially in the uncertain and challenging times we all face, personally and professionally. A multi-generational family enterprise, with more than thirty years in the food industry, Marvell Foods is not only a reliable, valuable and trusted source, but a rare “go to” ally in today’s disrupted food industry. Marvell Foods offers a variety of proven solutions that can help food businesses remain viable.

Marvell offers dedicated food broker services that are designed to help businesses reinvent their supply and distribution chains instead of having to forfeit at a loss food products/goods on hand, or in storage, and that’s beneficial for both a wide range of businesses – such as manufacturers, co-packers, distributors, restaurant operators – small and large, and even cold storage facilities. Here’s how that works.

The Growing Need for Excess Stock Buyers

The rules of the game changed quickly upon the initial coronavirus lockdown, leaving many food business owners with a lot of unsold stock and significantly fewer options for selling what they had on hand, or in storage. Meanwhile, some food businesses have seen rapid increases in demand. That’s where brokers like Marvell Foods play a role.

As specialists in buying bulk food wholesale and redistributing it to new buyers, Marvell is able to connect food service distributors and other affected food businesses that have excess inventory with retailers and wholesalers who require additional products. This fulfills two needs: (1) helping businesses offload unsellable products for a profit and (2) helping other businesses meet the needs of skyrocketing demand.

The result is that businesses on both ends of the spectrum get a dedicated service helping to mitigate losses and generate cash flow and revenue. While that’s a necessary advantage at all times, this measured and uncommon, or unknown, approach offered ONLY by Marvell Foods becomes particularly crucial during this unprecedented crisis in these remarkably uncertain times.

Increasing Profitability When It Matters Most

The food industry in general, is in a constant state of flux to remain competitive.  During Covid-19 times, ingenuity, creativity and flexibility will be the hallmark characteristics of companies who not only survive, but potentially thrive, realizing and implementing new strategies to remain vibrant and competitive. With this in mind, Marvell Foods can be a food company, or retailers, greatest ally.

Marvell Foods:Offers A Wide Range of Services

Marvell Foods offers a variety of unique services focused on reducing food waste and storage costs, increasing profit and ensuring both near and long term viability DESPITE the Covid-19 Crisis. This includes nationwide services such as surplus food buying, direct sourcing, food brokering, and so much more.

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