About Marvell Foods


Honesty, Integrity, Great Customer Service. As a trading company specializing in brokering discontinued, out of date, unsold and overstock food items, we take our commitment to our clients—and our services—very seriously. We believe in what we buy and offer tremendous savings and immediate delivery to our network across the nation. In turn, we help the community at large as well as businesses and corporate entities to reduce food waste, put expired food for sale to good use, and help companies turn a profit on a wide variety of their excess food inventory products.
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Our Corporate Culture

We do more than just buy out of date food or act as our customers’ go-to discount canned food distributors—we help retailers and food manufacturers around the country free up valuable freezer and storage space brimming with short-coded, expired or excess food inventory product and turn those goods into cash.

Why are we different?

We are a family-owned business.

National recognition and high-profile stature within the industry.

Market credibility. Excellent Relationships. Excellent Contacts.

We believe in our product, or we would not buy it and own it.

Superior Service and Products

Overstock food items

Finding a Food Broker or Food Trader

There are many reasons why you might need to sell your food product, canned goods or even bakery and pastry items. If you have a food problem, Marvell Foods has the solution. Perhaps you have an overrun, spec change, package change, truck accident or some other "food issue" and you need to sell this product/inventory quickly. We can help. Marvell Foods will buy that product from you. From full loads to less-than-loads, we buy it all - the more product you have the better it is.Read More
Overstock food items

Extensive Network of National Relationships

If you’re searching “grocery liquidators near me” you’ve come to the right place. With exposure in the industry since the 1990s, and enjoying a high-profile national reputation, Marvell Foods has an extensive network of relationships that provide us with tremendous credibility and clout as food brokers, food buyers and food traders.
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We Can Accommodate Any Kind of Surplus

If you are like most manufacturers, during the year there are times when you have short coded product, excess inventory or may be going through a package change. Marvell Foods will buy that inventory, from expired to 12 months dating, from a pallet to a truck load. We are direct with dozens of manufacturers, large and small.

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Direct Sourcing

We are direct with dozens of manufacturers from large to small, and receive offerings on a daily basis. From shelf stable grocery, to poultry, beef and dairy processors, we can offer products from 40% - 90% off of wholesale.

Buy or Sell Your Food Products Fast!