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Closeout Food Buyers

Products & What We Buy

Closeout food buyers

As a leading closeout food buyers company, Marvell Foods aggressively explores new opportunities to help food manufacturers, food processors, co-packers, and other food producers earn ROI on rejected foods, or products sitting in your inventory that for one reason or another have not sold, or may have even been rejected by your buyer. From bulk canned Foods, wholesale packaged items, and meats, to baked goods and dairy, we consider the purchase of any kind of overrun, surplus, closeout, insurance claim, or salvage items.

We are independent sales agents who have developed a national sales platform buying and selling the following products:

☑   Chicken / Poultry
☑   Beef
☑   Pork
☑   Shelf Stable Grocery Items
☑   Dairy Manufacturers
☑   Bakery Goods
☑   Ingredient Manufacturers

       Food Processors, which include products such as:

☑   Macaroni and cheese
☑   Egg rolls
☑  French fries

       We buy all of these in bulk.

Closeout food buyers company
Bulk canned goods wholesale

Free Up Frozen Food Assets - Turn to Cash Fast!

Why lose the value of your food product inventory if it’s in the freezer and you can’t sell it? Or, if it’s in the freezer for years taking up valuable space and it’s a product with a close code fast approaching, or even past code? Marvell Foods will gladly buy it. Why waste food when you could sell it?


We buy (and sell) unsold chicken, fish, beef and dairy, as well as frozen, fresh, and shelf-stable products. Given our nearly three decades and multi-generational history within the food services industry, Marvell Foods has cultivated and maintains relationships with many of the nation’s leading food manufacturers/suppliers, distributors and a huge array of related vendors.

Overstock Food


In addition to fresh and frozen unsold food, we also purchase:

Overstock Food

Surplus, Salvage

Off Spec, Miscut

Close Coded Products

Private Labeling

Insurance Claims

Excess Freezer Inventory

Out of Date Food

Buy or Sell Your Food Products Fast!