No. Distributors typically “warehouse” food. However, based on our Government Contractor Status we are technically considered a “supplier,” but Marvell Foods does not manufacture food or “distribute food.”
No. We do not “warehouse food.” We do not have “cold” or “dry” storage facilities. However, on occasion, we use (cold or dry) storage facilities for temporary storage for products/goods we may have purchased subject to a sale.
Yes. We either buy or broker large lots of goods/products that may be in a Retail store for products that are “close coded,” approaching “best use by date.” In some instances, Marvell Foods will buy/broker goods from a retailer and sell/resell to our “discount store clients.” In some cases, Marvell Foods will sell to food banks, government institutions, and even prisons. We have a wide range of buyers across the country for all types of goods.
We buy, sell, broker, and trade all proteins – chicken, beef, pork, preferably frozen, in large lots/truckload quantities – for human and non-human (pet food) consumption. We buy/broker ALL types of Shelf-Stable goods. As spot buyers and opportunity buyers, we buy seconds, surplus, salvage, “floor sweeps,” manufacturer overruns, off-spec, and miss-cuts. Products we purchase might be first quality/run as part of a “package/labeling” change or “spec revision.”
Yes. We purchase and resell hundreds of truckloads of beverages every year. Marvell Foods works with the continuum of products in the beverage category, such as water – still, flat, fizz, energy drinks, and sodas. If you can drink it, we can sell it.
Yes. We buy, or broker, first or second quality products – fresh or frozen. This includes overruns, miss-cuts, and off-spec goods/products. We buy/broker all types of Shelf-Stable goods/products.
Yes. We buy close-coded (short-dated) and even past-code or past “best use by” dated goods/products.
Yes. We purchase or broker all types of past code items – including – all kinds of FROZEN PROTEINS – RETAIL AND/OR FOOD SERVICE — Chicken, Fish, Beef/Meat, Pork, etc., Shelf-Stable, and Grocery.
Yes. We buy Bulk ingredients. We sell these to manufacturers, cookers, and processors. Past Code ingredients we sell to Pet Food manufacturers/suppliers/farms. Some Pet Food Ingredients we can export TO Mexico and South America.
Yes. We work with Pet Food Manufacturers nationally and internationally.
We have established relationships nationally and internationally with more than three decades in the food industry. A sampling of our buyers includes Big Box Club Stores/Retailers, Discount Retailers – National Chains, Independent Chains, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Manufacturers, Processors, Suppliers, State/Government Institutions – Prisons, Food Banks, Commissaries, Churches, Ministries, School Food Programs, Cruise Lines, Airlines, Pet Food Manufacturers.
Yes. We have excellent relationships nationally with Insurance Companies that may have possession of goods that have been involved in truck accidents or part of other “disaster situations” and/or settlements.
Yes. We have dealt with many Cold Storage and Non-Cold Storage companies across the country. If a [Cold Storage] or other warehouse is sitting with goods by a customer unable to pay the bills, Marvell Foods is a potential buyer for those goods.
No. We earn our fees either as a broker only upon a successful sale/deal/transaction or purchase and take possession of goods/products and sell them on our own to our network of buyers.
Shipping/Freight is negotiated on a case by case, deal by deal basis. Whenever we enter into an agreement, shipping costs Weill be discussed and agreed to in advance. We work with hundreds of truckers and logistics companies across the country. If you can handle shipping, great. If not, we can work it out.
Yes. We have relationships with many trucking operations (and storage facilities) across the country. We can coordinate any shipping/logistics. Fees for shipping are always discussed/negotiated in advance of any sale/deal.
If we are “brokering” a deal, we earn a fee/commission on the goods/products on the transaction. In other cases, we may buy the goods/products paying the current holder/owner/manufacturer/store/distributor their asking price, and in turn, Marvell Foods will sell those goods to its customer(s).

Yes. On occasion, we have either directly or through our vendor relationships access to “excess” food. Sometimes we may “own” the food, and other times our vendors have the food and are willing to donate it to not-for-profit organizations or food banks. If you represent an organization and seek food, please fill out the contact form. We will respond based on what we have or may have access to. Please do not call; kindly use the form.

Yes. Marvell Foods has earned several Federal and State Certifications. We are a USDA Certified Vendor. We specialize in raw and fully cooked beef and poultry commodities. Our products range from raw ground beef and fully cooked beef crumbles and chicken strips, tenders, and fajita meat. Marvell Foods serves the USDA, Food Banks, Federal Prison, andstate-funded school food lunch programs.

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