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If you have a food issue, we’re here to help. From odd-lots, opportunity and spot buys in truck load quantity, or less-than-loads, we’re short coded food wholesalers who meet the food liquidation needs of a huge array of vendors around the country by purchasing overproductions, package changes, close dated food, excess food inventory and discontinued goods. As wholesale food liquidators, we then provide these food closeouts to our extensive network of non-traditional and discount stores around the USA.
Discontinued foods for sale
Wholesale food liquidators
Whether you’re seeking someone to help you sell your out of date or close-coded food or if you are looking to buy out of date food in bulk, during more than 30 years in business Marvell Foods has developed an extraordinary network of unique, niche clients – buyers, sellers and users of just about any type of food product. Rarely will you find fresh or frozen food liquidators as qualified to purchase or sell your products as Marvell Foods. 

Food Issues

Chances are, if you have any of the food problems such as those noted below, that are actually quite common in the food manufacturing business, we have successfully worked with clients to provide a solution.

Close Coded, Expired, Dating Issues

Off Spec Production

Insurance and Salvage Claims

Food Overruns

Packaging Changes

Past Code, Excess Freezer Inventory

We Have an Edge Over Our Competitors

The reasons why a product doesn’t make it to market or why it has its specifications changed are endless. But at the end of the day, these reasons don’t matter. What matters is that these situations create opportunity for Marvell Foods, and our clients. As close coded food wholesalers, we’re especially qualified to help alleviate problems like these. Our relationships give us a competitive edge when it comes to discounted and discontinued foods for sale. We get products offered to us first and that allows us to offer it to our clients at the most competitive prices.

Frozen food liquidators

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