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Closeout Inventory Buyers

The Role of Closeout Inventory Buyers

As closeout inventory buyers, we help retailers offload unsold product and “closeout” their inventories at maximum profit. These types of services are available in all retail industries, from clothes and beauty products to toys and home décor. At Marvell Foods, … Read More

The Value of Salvage Food Brokers When It Comes to Insurance and Salvage Claims

We see it all as salvage food brokers, and that includes large-scale inventory loss due to unanticipated forces of nature like fires, floods, and earthquakes. Losses of these kind, where  inventory may be all or, more often, partially damaged, are … Read More

Losing Product to Package Changes? Food Brokerage Services Can Help

Food brokerage services like Marvell Foods help companies avoid product and profit loss in a wide variety of ways, including offsetting the losses that are incurred in relation to packaging changes. Repackaging is often an essential part of renewing and … Read More

Sitting on Excess Food Inventory in Your Warehouse? Get Rid of it Now, Fast, and Cash Out While it’s Still Saleable.

If you’re a food manufacturer, distributor, supplier, co-packer, or even a retailer, and you are storing food products, ingredients, or any food inventory in a warehouse it’s costing you money.  If, for some reason, that product or inventory is no … Read More

How Food Closeout Liquidators Influence the Traditional Supply Chain

As food closeout liquidators, Marvell Foods helps businesses minimize product waste for better efficiency, reduced losses, and increased revenues. This is welcome news for food manufacturers, food suppliers, co-packers, and others along the food supply chain who are fearful of … Read More

Why Expiration Dates Matter

Why Expiration Dates Matter Less Than You Think

What is an expiration date? Most people will tell you that it’s the last date a food product is safe to consume, but research shows that not only is this thinking misguided, it’s also contributing to massive amounts of food … Read More