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Whole Sale Food Liquidators


Wholesale food liquidators can prove highly profitable partners for food manufacturers. By providing a secondary channel through which unsellable products can be moved, wholesale liquidators  help manufacturers and processors turn a profit on goods that otherwise can’t be sold. Often, … Read More

The Nation’s Leader in Surplus, Seconds, Salvage, Opportunity & Spot Buys

If you’re in the food manufacturing industry, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with retail food brokers. To appreciate the value of food brokers, understanding the differences  between brokers and distributors and how these entities operate in the larger food … Read More

Wholesale Salvage Food Suppliers

The Wholesale Salvage Food Supplier’s Guide to the Grocery Supply Chain

As wholesale salvage food suppliers, we get a frontline view of the grocery supply chain since we work with food manufacturers, packers, co-packers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, food banks, discount food stores, and government institutions. In other words, we have a … Read More

Food Inflation

How Has Inflation Affected the Cost of Food in 2022?

Though the worst of the Covid pandemic is likely behind us, the devastating, global economical impacts continue to be felt in 2022. At its most basic definition, food inflation refers to the costs of specific food items increasing from a … Read More

A Closer Look at Food Supply Chain Disruptions In 2022

The various food supply chain disruptions in 2022 have been a testament to the global devastation brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unfortunately, trends suggest they’re not going away any time soon. With these disruptions, the Pandemic has also dramatically … Read More

Excess Inventory Sellers

Work with Excess Inventory Sellers to Reduce Waste During Thanksgiving

Food sellers and retailers know all too well that Thanksgiving is one of the most wasteful times of the year in the industry — and so do excess inventory sellers, who work with businesses to offset holiday food waste and … Read More


Salvage Food Health Concerns: Should You Be Worried About Purchasing Discount Food?

Buying salvage food can save you a good amount of money on your groceries. Still, these savings often come with questions concerning food safety. The term ‘salvage food’ is broad. It can have potentially misleading and possibly alarming ramifications that … Read More

Vast Expansion in Aid Kept Food Insecurity From Growing Last Year


What is Salvage Food?

Any food or grocery shopper may have found themselves asking at some point, “what is salvage food?” While the phrase may not be well-known or top-of-mind for consumers, it should be. Buying “salvage food,” which is perfectly good and safe, … Read More

Rising Grocery Prices

The 2021 Forecast For Rising Grocery Prices

The rising grocery prices, combined with increases in costs for other crucial industrial staples like lumber, real estate, and airfare, have made the last couple of years difficult for many businesses and families trying to make ends meet. With supply … Read More