Sitting on Excess Food Inventory in Your Warehouse? Get Rid of it Now, Fast, and Cash Out While it’s Still Saleable.

If you’re a food manufacturer, distributor, supplier, co-packer, or even a retailer, and you are storing food products, ingredients, or any food inventory in a warehouse it’s costing you money.  If, for some reason, that product or inventory is no longer saleable, the impact to your bottom line can be dramatic. The answer? Get rid of it. Get rid of it now, especially if “best use by date” is fast approaching.

Marvell Foods is one of the nation’s leading food traders, food brokers, and food buyers providing your company an opportunity to turn dead, or rapidly depreciating inventory into cash fast. Naturally, depending upon various circumstances and conditions, it’s not uncommon for Marvell Foods to step in and literally within days resolve a long-standing food problem, and provide your company with cash for diminished value food assets.

Clear Out Your Warehouse, Make Room for New Products/Goods, Reduce Your Storage Costs and Protect Your Bottom Line

It’s common practice to warehouse unsold products. This includes products that are end-of-line, discontinued, seasonal, surplus, or slow moving. Add to this list package change left-over goods, revised spec ingredients that may render previously produced products unsalable; combined, there are many legitimate and significant reasons why companies large and small alike, wind up with tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds of inventory and products taking up warehouse space, that cost huge amounts of money to store.

Sell Your Frozen Food, Shelf Stable and Warehoused Products Now

Often times companies store and warehouse their products without knowing that they have options to dispose of products while earning salvaging revenue from these goods. During more than three decades in the food industry, Marvell Foods has developed an unparalleled network of buyers of distress or salvage food products and goods – from shelf stable to frozen protein commodity products.   “Good quality, well preserved and frozen proteins, even if years past code can be used in various ways,” Says Marilyn Raybin, a second generation food industry expert. “Why pay the cost to carry, or the cost to transport dated goods, and the fees to dump it, when we can sell it?” says Raybin, whose company over the years has been featured in numerous food industry trade magazines, including even mainstream media in Boca Raton, Florida, the location of the company’s long-established corporate headquarters. Expanding it’s network and national footprint, Marvell Foods  recently opened a west coast office in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in Health and Beauty Aids Products.

Surplus Food Liquidation

From surplus food liquidation to assistance offloading post-holiday clearance merchandise, Marvell Foods offers the best solution to a food storage problem — we will buy it from you or sell if for you. Here’s an at-a-glance list of reasons to sell warehoused food inventory products and/or ingredients:

Recouping costs. Companies purchase products to sell, not to stick in a warehouse and let the meter run endlessly on storage costs. With Marvell, companies are introduced to alternative routes for selling these items that help defray an  initial investment and mitigate the compounding costs of unsold merchandise.

Maximizing profit. It’s simple math: the more you sell, the more you benefit your bottom line. For companies in the food industry, maximizing profit doesn’t always have to mean selling inventory through normal retail channels. Marvell finds new and novel buyers for unsold products improving a company’s ability to limit losses on stored or unsalable product.

Minimizing storage costs. Storing excess products is costly — especially over a long period of time. In addition to the space required for all of that inventory, climate controlled or freezer warehouses are expensive, not to mention the need to sometimes move goods around to make way for other products – this means more costs to pay fork-lift operators and other warehouse personnel. All of this costs money – money needlessly spent. It makes sense to limit the amount of product being stored at any one time.

Maintain Brand Integrity in the Marketplace

There’s another benefit to opting to sell products with a food liquidator like Marvell Foods  instead of storing it for a potential later sale: using a liquidator helps companies avoid the prospect of damaging their brand by offering deep discounts. 

In many instances, Marvell Foods can insure brand integrity through a variety of outlets. For instance, it can export your product to another country. It can sell your product to a co-packer who will remove package and labelling. It has relationships with pet food ingredient companies. It has relationships with food banks, prisons and other institutions where the company’s “brand name and product recognition” have been completely masked.

Brand perception is integral to future profit opportunities and business longevity, and there’s no reason to take a hit on reputation if you don’t have to. Instead of devaluing products—and thus your brand integrity – as a way to offload their storage requirements, companies can instead sell their products to other buyers and take care of excess inventory on the back end.

Marvell Foods can accommodate any kind of surplus to help you sell your excess inventory instead of storing it. From frozen food closeouts and unsold bakery items to excess due to spec and/or packaging changes, take advantage of Marvell’s services, as well as its national and international network and turn  unsold product into profit.

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