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Food Overstock Liquidation: Recouping Costs & Minimizing Waste After Testing Readjustments

Food Overstock Liquidation

A company such as Marvell Foods, that among other areas of unique expertise, includes food overstock liquidation, companies can reduce, or recoup to some degree costs, that are invariably associated with product testing and the requisite readjustments that accompany it. The knowledge that a food overstock liquidation company even exists sometimes comes as a surprise to food manufacturers, However, considering just how much product—and cost — is associated with product testing, the services Marvell Foods provides is very welcome news.

Food Product Testing – Reduce Costs, Recycle Edible Goods Through Liquidation

Testing readjustments are a fact of life and also pose a big problem to food manufacturers. How do you offload a perfectly good product when you can’t sell it to your standard buyers? That’s where Marvell Foods enters the picture. As closeout food distributors, we’ve built our business during more than three decades by connecting product manufacturers and distributors with the right buyers for these types of unique product sales. Very few companies do what we do, at the national level at which we perform. Whether sold within the United States, or even abroad, Marvell Foods has an extraordinary network of buyers and a myriad of ways to keep your product low profile, or for that matter, even invisible to the public, protecting your brand integrity.

Putting Your Products to the Test

Regular testing of new food products is crucial to food manufacturers.Focus groups, taste testing, ingredient size, packaging are all variables that must be considered when either creating or revising a food product intended for consumer consumption.  In fact, ingredients and spec modifications – size, shape, weight – to existing food products with an established sales history is also a common occurrence – whether it is a food manufacturer or a big brand tinkering with their product(s). Alternately, a package change reflecting a new design is also not uncommon – a new logo, different colors, a more contemporary package design, all of these factors impact existing merchandise that needs to clear store shelves.  

Readjustments after testing are common. A test product run could be in the multiple tens of thousands of pounds. Why waste that product when Marvell Foods can sell it?  

In our role as an overstock food broker, we know that just because a product cannot go through the traditional sale route doesn’t mean that it has to be wasted. To be clear, Marvell Foods is more than just salvage grocery suppliers. We’re overstock brokers with an extensive network of niche clients that includes buyers, sellers, and users of just about any type of food product. 

If you have overstock food for sale due to testing readjustments, call Marvell Foods before you destroy it, or donate it because you don’t know what to do with it. We know what to do with it – there is a very good chance we can sell it for you under terms and conditions that make you very happy. At Marvell Foods, we have years of experience connecting food manufacturers with buyers for post-testing inventory, and can help you reduce costs during a new product test phase or an ingredient or package change process.

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