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How Food Closeout Liquidators Influence the Traditional Supply Chain

Food closeout liquidators


As food closeout liquidators, Marvell Foods helps businesses minimize product waste for better efficiency, reduced losses, and increased revenues. This is welcome news for food manufacturers, food suppliers, co-packers, and others along the food supply chain who are fearful of product loss as expiration dates fast approach. Marvell Foods occupies a critical niche in the food industry with our ability to quickly buy close-coded food products and even foods that have past their best-use or “expired by” dates.

In the U.S., economics and consumer preferences have provided a burgeoning wealth of perishable food products, as well as a misunderstanding of when foods are still good to eat. The result? Wasted food, and an industrial food surplus that benefits neither manufacturer, retailer, or consumer.

Food brokerage services like those offered by Marvell dramatically change this equation. By engaging with the supply chain mechanism at a crucial stage — when products are still safe and edible but less widely marketable — Marvell and other out-of-date food wholesalers provide businesses with secondary opportunities to minimize losses, ultimately turning potentially one hundred percent write-off inventory into financially salvageable product.

Stopping Waste In Its Tracks

Food manufacturing is a constantly evolving industry. And when ingredients or FDA regulations change, many manufacturers are left with products that leave them in the red. Sitting with inventory and product that is entirely wholesome, and valuable, but for one reason or another, not salable, at least through their traditional sources and methods. This is where Marvell Foods steps in, to solve sometimes common, and other times, uncommon food issues.

Turn Fast Depreciating Food Inventory into Cash Quickly

Under the traditional food supply chain, unsalable product equates to lost profit. The cost of the product, the cost of storage, and then the cost of shipping to make room for freezer space, or even costs to destroy or truck to a dump are not insignificant. Add these costs up, especially for a “write off inventory” and this further compounds the cost of the loss for the manufacturer or supplier of these products. Faced with these ceaseless mounting costs, Marvell Foods emerges as a valuable actor in resolving these various negative compounding issues.

Instead of letting expired, modified, or otherwise safe but outwardly unusable products go to waste, Marvell Foods helps companies turn potentially valueless food product assets in better bottom line performance.

Other areas where Marvell Foods emerges as a financial savior includes not uncommon instances where raw material transformations don’t quite meet certain “specs” or situations involving package redesign leaves retailers literally holding the bag, that is now all but worthless. Marvell Foods buys that product and finds a home for it with any one of a number of its tremendous network of national buyers built over more than three decades cultivating valuable connections throughout the United States.

Over Production? No Problem? We’ll Take it All

Reducing food waste requires a multi-faceted approach. In addition to food brokerage, Marvell also offers surplus food liquidation that allows manufacturers to offload over-produced food in order to reduce daily business losses. With a wide network of secondary buyers, Marvell specializes in connecting the dots between manufacturers who are looking to turn a profit on an overabundance of product and buyers who are looking to purchase it.

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