What is Salvage Food?


Any food or grocery shopper may have found themselves asking at some point, “what is salvage food?” While the phrase may not be well-known or top-of-mind for consumers, it should be. Buying “salvage food,” which is perfectly good and safe, can save millions of American families suffering from Food Insecurity a considerable amount of money at the cash register.

When shopping for consumable goods at a grocery store, it’s common for customers to check the “best by” date on a product. Usually, they will choose the product with the date furthest away when comparing two identical items with differing dates. The same behavior pattern applies to boxed or canned goods. If a customer is comparing these, and one has a blemish, dent, or crack, chances are they’re putting that damaged item back on the shelf. However, consumers should rethink this. Even though the food contents of these “damaged or dented” cans are perfectly fine, these canned goods that are not sold become “salvage foods.” As noted, “salvage food,” unless it’s a product like milk or eggs, that can spoil, generally speaking, are safe and wholesome to eat.

Salvage Grocery Suppliers Can Help Move Excess Inventory and Reduce Your Losses

When grocery stores or supermarkets remove “damaged, dented, or blemished” canned goods from their shelves, they usually send them to reclamation centers, wholesaling them to salvage grocery suppliers. These organizations then resell these products at discounted rates, usually between 50-70% off the retail price. Consumers who shop at salvage grocery stores can realize significant savings on a huge array of food products. The only difference between “salvage food” and “other food” items are a. a shorter shelf life and b. possibly some packaging dents or blemishes. Regardless of these two issues, “salvage food” is safe and wholesome.


As the nation’s leading closeout food buyer, Marvell Foods works with food manufacturers, processors, distributors, suppliers, and other food producers to help them earn a return on investment on foods and other products that their respective customers may have rejected. Marvell Foods has developed extensive relationships with the nation’s largest discount retailers, discount grocery stores, and distributors, among other alternative retail and discount buyers who cater to discount and value-oriented consumers – e.g., food-insecure Americans and their families.

Salvage Grocery Distributors Put Damaged Products Into the Hands of Willing Buyers

In general, but especially during challenging economic times, consumers are willing to purchase damaged canned goods priced 70% less than the original retail price. The goal of salvage grocery distributors is to expedite the sale of damaged items that still hold value to customers ready to purchase deeply discounted food products. As a prominent salvage grocery distributor, Marvell Foods has established an exceptional network of contacts to become a reliable product sourcing agent for large and small retailers and wholesalers.

What Exactly Can Salvage Food Brokers Do For Your Business?

As a salvage food broker, Marvell Foods offers new channels for selling rapidly depreciating foods or goods that might become unmarketable. One avenue Marvell Foods pursues on behalf of its clients is to offer large or bulk product lots to its stable of restaurant chains. Restaurants have suffered greatly during Covid 19. To remain competitive and achieve the greatest possible margins in an increasingly tight market, Restaurant operators and other businesses who closely monitor their food costs are seeking food products at deeply discounted prices. The sources and relationships that Marvell Foods has carefully cultivated during more than thirty years in business provide Marvell Foods’ customers with food purchase options at deeply discounted prices virtually unobtainable elsewhere. As important, many of the sales made by Marvell Foods to its customers can occur very quickly, oftentimes less than one week. Short turn-around times on the sale of “surplus” or “salvage goods” helps put much-needed cash into the hands of businesses who may need these funds as working capital.

Marvell Foods

As a family-owned business with exposure in the food industry since the 1990s, Marvell Foods has carefully nurtured an extensive network of relationships with large and small companies that buy and sell a wide array of food products. With direct sourcing to dozens of manufacturers, large and small, we can offer products from 40-90% off wholesale and accommodate any surplus.

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