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The Important Connection Between Food Safety and Brokers

Food Safety and Brokers

Food safety and brokers share an extremely crucial connection in more ways than you might think. As salvage food wholesalers, our company works closely with food plants, manufacturers, suppliers, processors, and others, ensuring food is prepared, cooked, and delivered according to all government safety standards and protocols.

Marvell Foods also have an exceptional logistics team who coordinates with all of our manufacturers and buyers to ensure goods are delivered safely, in proper condition, and on time. And while safe transportation is always essential, it’s become even more so during the Coronavirus Crisis, when USDA programs like the Farmers to Families Food Box Program have facilitated the transfer of record amounts of food for emergency relief. Marvell is proud to have played a significant role in helping to supply and deliver almost 20 million tons of food to American Families. 

At Marvell Foods, we’re committed to ensuring food safety—both in our regular food broker services and in our government contracts with the USDA food program and others. Here’s what you should know about the current approach to safety in the food supply chain and how brokers play such an important role.

Food Salvage Companies, Brokers, and New Rules in Food Transportation

Since the Sanitary Food Transportation Act (SFTA) introduction in 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been working diligently to modernize the rules and regulations of farm-to-table food transport. Recently, these rules were expanded with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). As a result, today, wholesale food suppliers, including brokers and salvage companies, are tasked with more responsibility when it comes to the safe transportation of products.

Rigorous regulations in food transportation are integral in the service and verification of quality products, particularly in ensuring that safe practices are followed at each step of the journey. Marvell Foods takes its responsibility to food safety (at all stages) seriously. To begin with, we work with USDA Approved Plants; this ensures the highest level of safety protocol practices is in place every step of the way during production. 

Our commitment to delivering safe, quality products to American consumers/families and a host of private and government institutions has enabled us to expand our services with new government contracts, including the Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program. 

Marvell Foods Delivers Quality Goods you Can Trust 

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Food Safety and Brokers                                         Food Salvage Companies

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