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Salvage Food Brokers Boca Raton

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Specializing in Short-Coded, Past “Best-Use-By” Dates and Discount Products


Looking for Salvage Food Brokers Boca Raton? Keep These Facts in Mind

Frozen Food BrokersIf you’re a food manufacturer, processor, co-packer, supplier, distributor, or retailer searching for “salvage food brokers near Boca Raton,” then chances are you’ve got a salvage food problem in need of a fast and effective solution. Working with a food broker is an excellent way to deal with any sort of salvage food issue, including short-dated, expired, and repackaged products. Suppose this is the first time exploring this approach. In that case, it might be helpful to be familiar with some of the advantages of working with a food broker.

Let’s answer a basic question: what does a food broker do? Food brokers are an essential link between food manufacturers and retailers. They handle many connections between those with food to sell and those looking to buy food – raw or frozen products, ingredients, or other food-related items. They are instrumental in the salvage food market since food brokers have strong connections with buyers outside traditional retail outlets or the standard food supply chain.

When working with food brokers, USA-based manufacturers will find that a food broker, such as Marvell Foods, can be an essential partner in helping offload salvage products the manufacturer might have otherwise thought of as of no value. Often salvage or excess goods require storage – whether cold or dry. Storing “unusable goods” costs money. It takes up space and involves labor to move. Selling these “dormant” goods is, and can be, a happy source of unexpected income while making room for current products. Moreover, Marvell Foods also has contacts internationally, so if “brand integrity” is important, Marvell Foods can facilitate exporting large quantities of goods and products offshore.


That search for “food brokers near me” should guide you to brokers that can potentially work deals on your behalf. Here’s what you should know about dealing with a food broker to handle your Salvage, Expired, or Excess Food inventory.

  • Brokers have an extensive network of connections.

Salvage Food Brokers Near MeA food broker’s network is their stock in trade. A food broker, generally speaking, has connections that you, as a manufacturer, do not, especially when it comes to salvage or excess food and particularly when it comes to close-coded or out-of-code goods. To sell goods of this nature requires unique contacts as this is a specialty niche market. You’ll have access to buyers outside of traditional markets that you might not have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. You’ll also have a trusted representative to pitch products on your behalf.  

  • Brokers deal with the selling, so you don’t have to. Finding buyers for your salvage or excess products is not easy, particularly if you have an infrequent inventory of these goods – commonly referred to in the secondary market as “spot” or “opportunity buys.” Someone in your organization would need to be dedicated to searching out buyers of these types of goods – this is not an easy task. It takes time, is laborious, and requires extensive phone and email work, not to mention identifying prospective buyers. Do you have or want someone in your organization spending their time cold-calling prospective buyers for your goods?
  • If your company is NOT selling its salvage or excess food inventory on its own, now is not the time to start. It’s a tough business that requires years of hard work to develop contacts and relationships. Remember, this is a highly specialized niche industry. A food broker such as Marvell Foods will alleviate the time and aggravation of your company having to worry about how and where to sell your salvage, excess, or expired food inventory. 
  • Brokers cost less than an in-house team. As far as cost-efficiency goes, comparatively speaking, you’ll likely save money by working with a food broker or a food trader, such as Marvell Foods, instead of starting or maintaining an in-house sales team. 

If you’re looking for salvage food brokers near  Marvell Foods – Marvell Foods is Your Go-To SourceYour Go-To Source 

A third-generation, privately-owned company with more than three decades in the food industry, Marvell Foods remains on the cutting edge to provide superior service to its national clients and continually expanding customer base of manufacturers, processors, co-packers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, and is the nation’s leader in seconds, surplus, salvage, excess inventory, spot and opportunity buys specializing in short-code and expired food goods and other products.
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