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Food Retailers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Processors:  

Do you have a “Short-Dated” Food Issue? “Close-Coded” Food Can Cost you Money – Or –  You can turn this Inventory Liability into Fast Cash from a Food Trader/Food Broker. 

Food brokers are uniquely positioned to help  alleviate product-related costs through several  services, such as leveraging their usually  extensive network and purchasing power to buy  short-dated food. This “service,” as it were, has  the potential to not only save businesses  significant amounts of money through “less  loss and less waste” and turn “close coded,”  “short-dated,” or even past “best use by date”  inventory liability into fast, usually much needed cash. 

Marvell Foods is one of the nation’s leading  food-buying, food brokerage, and trading  companies. As a multi-generational family owned business, we have earned an  unparalleled reputation as a food broker and  food buyer for an enormous array of food and  food-related products. 

From fresh and frozen (proteins) to shelf-stable  drinks/beverages, water, protein drinks, and  almost anything else – spices, pet food  ingredients, rice, pasta, pastries, bakery goods,  and cheese, we help businesses save money by  reducing waste and storage needs. 

To help our clients, we offer creative ways to  maximize the profit potential on all products,  

including short-dated food for sale that is no  longer fit for traditional consumer channels. 

What is Short Coded Food? 

Short-coded food refers to products that are  perfectly fine to consume, but their expiration  dates are considered too soon by retailers. Food  brokers will actively and aggressively seek to  purchase these short-coded food products and  other shelf-stable items approaching their  expiration and “best use by” dates. 

Businesses lose money on short-dated food  every day. According to the USDA’s Economic  Research Service, these losses added up to $162  billion in 2010—and accounted for 31% of the  available food supply. Over time, this can add  to potentially significant revenue loss, especially  when considering other factors leading to  previously salable products needing to be  pulled from shelves (think packaging updates,  seasonal variations, and excess goods). 

Quick Tips for Better Shelf-Life  Management

Getting food products from production to the  shelf efficiently is essential for your operations  and your bottom line. To help you achieve this,  we’re sharing some tips for better shelf life  management—in addition to Marvell Foods as  a critical source and strategic partner for your  business to buy expired food, Marvell Foods  has a nationwide network of alternative and  secondary source buyers for your products and  goods such as national and independent  discount supermarkets and grocery stores,  convenience stores, food banks, commissaries,  government institutions, such as Federal and  State Prisons, among a vast array of other niche  buyers. Now, here are some hopefully helpful  tips: 

  1. Arrange products by short date— not first in, first out. 

70% of consumer decisions are made at the  shelf, and arranging your products greatly  impacts what gets purchased and when. To  help ensure products get sold before their “best  use before” date, put products with the nearest  short dates at the front instead of arranging by  first in, first out. 

  1. Centralize your data. 

Make it easy to see what’s nearing its short date  by storing all relevant product data in one  centralized location instead of on multiple  platforms or spreadsheets. This way, you can  easily pull up a complete list of nearing “best  before” dates and then push those products  through placement and promotions. 

  1. Analyze purchasing behaviors. 

The more you know about your shoppers’  purchasing behaviors, the better you can  anticipate and accommodate sale trends. For  example, if you notice certain items are often  expiring before you can sell off the inventory,  that’s a sign that you should go back to the  drawing board and evaluate how many units  you purchase in the first place. (Granted, this  

does NOT help you with the product(s) you  presently have, BUT it will help by limiting  overbuying and all the associated costs with  storing and disposing of inventory). 

  1. Look for other ways to sell short dated products. 

Short dates happen, and when they do, it’s  essential to have a plan to mitigate losses.  Partnering with food brokers like Marvell  Foods means you don’t have to worry about  the next steps as products near their “best use  before” date. Once your products/goods get  within a 90-60 day window, it is best for you to  reach out to Marvell Foods. This allows us to  bring you the best price possible by being able  to place it with other buyers/retailers who are  comfortable and confident that they can sell  these goods. When your goods hit that “30- day” window, the deal becomes more difficult,  but not impossible, but know that this  significantly impacts the price that you’ll  receive. On the other hand, ridding yourself of  very short-dated product and receiving cash for  it right away, even if deeply discounted, is still  an option for you. 

Reduce Short-Dated Losses with  Marvell Foods as Your Key Partner 

At Marvell Foods, our team is ready to work to  help you reduce profit loss from short-dated  products. We offer immediate solutions for  selling short-dated, expired, and other difficult 

to-offload items so you can alleviate costs and  better manage your business. And with our  extensive network of buyers, we can offer you  an effective and fast process with every sale. 

Contact us today for more information! 

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