How a Food Liquidation Company Can Help in a Crisis

To survive a crisis like a coronavirus pandemic, food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need every advantage they can get, including the services of a food liquidation company. Food and beverage liquidators help turn slow-moving (or stalled) sales on food, beverages, and other surplus goods, into quick cash. That cash can be a lifeline when the future is entirely unclear.

How Food Liquidation Works

Food liquidation is nothing new, nor is it a service that’s only offered during trying times. At Marvell Foods, however, this is our business every day, all the time. Our goals are clear: we help our customers — buyers and sellers – mitigate losses, save on storage costs, and find new buyers for otherwise difficult to sell products.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to rapid changes in how consumers purchase food products, as well as what products they’re buying in the first place (sales of dried beans alone are up 140% since the lockdown began, while meat shortages are threatening the global supply).

Beyond the consumer level of food sales, manufacturers and distributors have also seen significant changes in imports, exports, and product availability—all of it leading to a need for food brokers who can find non-traditional ways to offload now unsalable products. This is precisely where Marvell Foods helps.

Food Product Brokers / Overstock Food Brokers 

Food product brokers facilitate closeout sales of overstocked, expired, re-packaged, and other excess foods, finding new buyers when the standard pipeline is closed, such as, for example, what is unfolding during the substantially disrupted food chain during the virus pandemic. Using our decades of experience and extensive national network of relationships, we’re able to help connect dots between sellers who need buyers and buyers who need sellers. This paradigm, which many large and small companies are entirely unaware of, helps reduce loss, providing surprising, unexpected revenue.

Working with a food broker or overstock food buyer makes sound economic sense at all times, but during these challenging times, even more so right now. By reducing profit loss and providing a surge of cash when it’s needed most, businesses can stabilize operations until normal business can resume. Instead of burning capital on storage, business owners can put that money where it is most needed during these challenging times.

Have Inventory to Liquidate?

Marvell Foods would be glad to help. We’ll work with you to offload products that are overstock, discontinued, expired, or otherwise not selling during this global crisis, bringing in new buyers looking to purchase the products you have.

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