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Cruise Operators Struck By Virus

Cruise Operators Struck By Virus


Cruise Operators Struck By Virus

The Wall Street Journal article below reveals alarming facts. The unknown timing of when medical officials and local, state and federal governments can get control of the rapidly spreading disease will likely have a further impact on the cruise industry than we now see.

“One of the reasons people choose cruising is — the food,” says Marilyn Raybin, President of Marvell Foods, one of nation’s leading food brokers, food traders, food liquidation companies. “Endless amounts of food – served day and night, is a major attraction for consumers.”

“As a keen observer of the food industry,” says Raybin, “we spot trends, and this trend doesn’t look good for food manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, among others across the entire food industry supply chain.” 

“There will be literally tons of food that will go to waste and cost a lot of people a lot of money to the warehouse,” says Raybin. 

Marvell Foods can help alleviate some of the potential losses and recoup some costs associated with stagnant inventory or canceled orders. “We have built a nationwide reputation moving huge quantities of food to a wide variety of sources and outlets,” says Raybin, from “retail to food service, we have buyers around the country and internationally to whom we can sell almost any food products.”  

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