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Pet Food

Only the Best Pet Food Ingredients

Americans love their pets. Pets aren’t animals; they are family members. So when it comes to feeding pets, people show their affection by giving them the best pet food they can buy. 

Marvell Foods has added Pet Food Ingredient Sourcing as a major division of our company’s Product Supply and Service matrix. We specialize in providing all proteins for pet food production.

This new division is an evolution of the company’s business model following client requests for Marvell Foods to source a wide range of pet food ingredients, organic and non-organic ingredients for various pet food manufacturers, both domestically and internationally.

Did You Know?

The Pet Food ingredients industry is huge. In fact, the pet food ingredients markets was valued at more than $33 billion in 2017. 
By leveraging Marvell Foods’ large network of existing food manufacturing plants and other food suppliers, we can take advantage of this lucrative market to provide pet food proteins at competitive pricing. This new division expands Marvell’s reach nationally and internationally as both buyer and seller of pet food ingredients.
Whether you are a manufacturer seeking to expand your product sales with protein products suitable for pet foods, on either the buy or sell side, for pet food manufacturing, we can help. 

Organic Pet Food

Within the category of Pet Food ingredients, what has emerged recently is the market’s need for Organic Pet Food Ingredients.  “Organic” has been legally defined for human foods by the USDA and refers to the way the ingredients are grown, harvested and processed.

Organic Pet Foods:Product Type and Availability

Organic, grass fed, and conventional.  Products are available boxed frozen and nude block.

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