Marvell Foods aggressively explores new opportunities; we consider the purchase of any kind of overrun, surplus, close-out, insurance claim, or salvage items.

We have developed a national sales platform buying and selling the following products.  

  • Chicken / Poultry 
  • Beef 
  • Pork  
  • Shelf Stable Grocery Items
  • Dairy Manufacturers
  • Bakery Goods 
  • Ingredient Manufacturers
  • Food Processors, which include products such as:  
    • macaroni and cheese, egg rolls, french fries, all of these in bulk or retail.  

Wondering what we buy and where we get our products?

From chicken, fish, beef and dairy, to name just a few, we purchase (and sell) frozen, fresh, and shelf stable products.  

Given our nearly three decades and multi-generational history within the food services industry, Marvell Foods has cultivated and maintains relationships with many of the nation’s leading food manufacturers / suppliers, distributors and a huge array of related vendors. 

Our exceptional network of contacts at all levels of the food service industry allows us to source products at the best possible price and offer it to our clients  – retailers – wholesalers – further processors, among others, at extremely competitive prices. 

  • Food Overage or Overrun
  • Surplus, Salvage
  • Insurance Claims
  • Date & Coding Issue(s) 
  • Private Labeling
  • Off Spec, Miscut
  • Excess Freezer Inventory