At Marvell foods we solve our clients food problems. 



  • overruns

  • packaging

  • dating issues

  • off spec production

  • insurance claims

Manufacturers & End Users Change their Minds All the Time:

We are there to Help!

Imagine this; a huge national food manufacturer decides to use a certain type of main ingredient – such as shrimp, or beef, in a new packaged meal they are getting ready to bring to market. Then, for some reason they change their mind about whether or not they even want to bring that new entrée product to market, or what the composition and specifications of those ingredients might be.  Maybe they want a bigger shrimp in the dish or perhaps they want a shredded chicken instead of a piece of whole chicken.  The reasons why not to take a product to market, or even the change of its specifications, are endless. At the end of the day, these reasons don’t matter. What matters is that these situations create opportunity for Marvell Foods, and our clients. 

Make us Your First Phone Call

Marvell Foods is one of the first phone calls made to help alleviate problems like these. Our relationships give us a competitive edge. We get products offered to us first and that allows us to offer it to our clients at the most competitive prices.