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Expired Pet Food

Do you have excess or expired pet food sitting in a warehouse, collecting dust, taking up storage space, and costing you money? If yes, well, you’d probably rather not have that be the case. For one reason or another, frequently, manufacturers find themselves with unsellable, surplus food products sitting in a warehouse, tying up capital resources.

Many companies often discover this inventory or products too late – meaning, the shelf life is either fast approaching or the best-use-by date has passed. That’s bad news. When that happens the value of the inventory has been drastically reduced – often to zero. Capital recapture is almost impossible. That is until Marvell Foods steps in. Marvell Foods specializes in inventory precisely like this for its network of buyers coast to coast and internationally. Specifically, Marvell Foods has a host of Pet Food Ingredients buyers for whom dated products are the perfect solution.

Pets, Pet Foods in Covid Times

During 2020, the sales of “pets” have skyrocketed. And, during Covid Times, people are spending more time at home. Add the two together, and Pet Food Sales has gone through the roof. That means opportunity abounds for those who are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this extraordinary confluence of conditions. Pet Food Manufacturers require products to meet the surging demand. Pet Food ingredient sales in one of the unique-niche specialty arenas of Marvell Foods. We have buyers both nationally and internationally. 

Marvell Excels at Brokering Pet Food Supplies

As food brokers, we help manufacturers in various industry niches capitalize on alternative sales routes for expired, excess, repackaged, and otherwise unsellable products—and that includes businesses in the pet food space.

Storing excess and out of date pet food can be costly for businesses. When it comes to food trading—pet food or human food—Marvell Foods has a myriad of solutions that can help fill in the gaps in the traditional supply chain in general and the gigantic holes that have been created as a result of the Corona Virus. What this means is that Marvell Foods can help pet food businesses achieve many significant benefits, including:

  • Clearing out warehouse space
  • Earning money instantly
  • Mitigating profit loss
  • Removing worries over what to do with excess or expiring food

Our customer-centric approach means that we’re focused on both short term solutions and long term benefits. While a great deal of our business involves “spot” and “opportunity buys,” the fact is, we have created extensive long-term partner and strategic alliances with hundreds of companies. So, while you may have a “one-off” opportunity, we see it as a chance to create a long term relationship. 

One day we may help you sell something. Another day we may help you buy something. In our business, everyone and anyone can be buyers or sellers at any given point in time. We have created an exceptional business with extraordinary partners during our more than thirty years in the food industry. Ideally, we seek to partner with companies/brands in ways that foster growth in profitable and sustainable practices – in both the short term, but ideally, the long term. 

When you work with Marvell Foods, you don’t just get a quick way to offload excess or expired pet food—you also get access to a network of buyers that can be tapped into at any time. 

Find New Buyers for Excess Pet Food

Direct to consumer sales may make up most pet food profits, but they’re not the only way to sell your product. Our team of experts has years of experience helping businesses in the pet food industry find new buyers for their excess or out of date inventory and have decades of experience in successfully solving extremely challenging issues and problems. 

If you have pet food ingredients you want to buy or sell, give us a call. We can help.

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