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How National Food Brokers Help Mitigate Losses from Food Production Errors

National Food Brokers

National food brokers like Marvell Foods are instrumental in helping offset profit loss due to food production errors, thanks in large part to their ability to liquidate otherwise unsellable products to new pools of buyers.

Food production errors — including packaging errors and improper portioning — are seemingly small problems that tend to have big consequences. There’s an expectation among consumers (and rightfully so) that the packaging and portioning on their food products is correct. There is also a risk of premature spoiling from food and packaging production errors, as well as unintended exposure to allergens.

All of these consequences mean that when a company does end up with packaging errors, their only safe mode of action is to remove affected products from the sales pipeline — and to take a pretty big hit on profit.

Packaging Error Solutions

There are various types of production errors that can impact product salability. In all cases though, specialty food brokers can step in and help companies find creative solutions.

Some of the most common production and packaging errors include:

  • Mislabeled ingredients
  • Mislabeled portion sizes
  • Improper product identification
  • Improper or mismatched labels

Just as Marvell Foods can help companies offload product after packaging changes, they can also assist after packaging errors. Solutions include selling food in bulk to new buyers and engaging with networks that have no consumer visibility — and thus no consumer risk.

By getting creative with improperly labeled or portioned products instead of chalking them up to a loss, companies are able to realize a profit under circumstances they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. They can also greatly reduce the amount of unnecessarily wasted products.

In Need of Assistance After a Food Production Error?

Marvell Foods works with companies all across the country to find new buyers for extra food that they cannot sell in stores and traditional markets due to packaging issues and errors. View our case studies to see some of these solutions in action, and learn more about what we buy and how our process works.

Don’t let unintended errors turn into unanticipated losses. There are better solutions out there for companies that are facing profit losses due to packaging errors, including a vast network of potential buyers who function outside of traditional consumer structures. Work with our team to tap into this network and protect your profits from packaging- and portion-related losses, and discover just how easy it can be to recover from these types of errors.

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